Government - Parliament Agrees bill Nursing

At the closed meeting that took place, agenda and content Title Nursing bill previously reimbursed by the Ministry of Health became the Bill of nursing and midwifery.


The workshop starts from exposure to the health minister about the fundamental reasons why the Ministry of Health to replace the bill into the bill Nursing Nursing and midwifery. She believed that nurses and midwives is separate profession but still took the basic education of nursing midwife, namely basic nursing as much as 3 SKS.Dilahan nurses and midwives work together.


Minister also commented on the proposal of the council of nursing. Council in different countries is an independent institution, except in siangapura and Malaysia, where in both these countries who do register nurse is government. Besides Minister explained to the Commission IX of the Council of medicine in Indonesia.


"The medical council independent, autonomous, appointed by the president put on the state budget. Council functioning national registers. The authority is the authority of the government. If the permanent council is formed, it is necessary to better consideration ", said Minister of Health.


In addition to listening to the views of the Minister of Health, meeting also presents an overview of all the factions in the Commission IX of the proposed Bill to replace the Ministry of Health Nursing Nursing and midwifery Being bill. All factions agreed that RUUKeperawatan made independently without any additional midwifery and midwives substance. Even the House of Representatives Commission IX to encourage midwives to have their own law.


The Government through the Minister of Health agreed that the bill Midwifery made yourself after seeing acclamation Commission IX, which wants a separate bill dibuan Nursing and Midwifery separate from the bill. But the Minister of Health asked the Commission IX assurance that the bill of health workers was also discussed in conjunction with the Bill of Nursing. The attitude of the Minister of Health legowo, all fractions appreciate the attitude of the Minister of Health.


PPNI which has been struggling to escort Bill Nursing in Commission IX by Prof. Achir Yani express deep gratitude on the approval of the bill by the Minister of Health Nursing and IX. "What we must guard this time is the substance of the Nursing Act itself which will be discussed by the Ministry of Health and the Parliament, not to harm the nurse," as described by Prof. Achir Yani.


Dr. Nova, chairman of the Committee of Nursing bill also admitted very pleased with the results of the working meeting today and he expects in the future 2x siding forward, the bill is already in Legalized Nursing Nursing to become law.


DIM next agenda is the discussion between the Parliament and the Government through the Nursing Bill Committee between the Government and the Commission IX.


Let us guard kept the bill of Nursing ...

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