RUU Nursing Passed or National Strike

Secretary General of the Indonesian National Nurses Association (PPNI) Harif Fadhillah say, urge that the bill was passed Nursing is provided to protect the nurses in carrying out the ministry to provide treatment to the public.


"The goal is for the legal protection of the nurses that are protected in carrying out the service. Therefore, many nurses in the area that criminalized," said Harif Fadhillah in front of DPR / MPR RI, Jakarta, Tuesday (05/21/2013).


The law, Harif said, will be to establish a system of nursing quality so what do nurses to patients to be well and protected. He cited the nurses who work in rural areas who do not have protection.


"Nurses in rural areas where many were arrested by the police for committing health care because there is no doctor there," said Harif.


With the passage of legislation that, in the future, in addition to doctors, nurses also expected to perform medical services to the community. They also will be guaranteed and protected in the service of such treatment.


Thousands of protesters are now dispersed from DPR / MPR building. They resume action at the Ministry of Health, Jalan HR Rasuna Said, South Jakarta. Meanwhile, the flow of traffic passing through Jalan Gatot Subroto in front of DPR / MPR building is normal.

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